What BAB does?

BAB empowers customers to create their own mini boutiques or select from a mini boutique created by one of our stylists. 

BAB has a team of designers that curate jewelry from quality brand names and sells them in a bundled set which we call a 'Mini Boutique' at a steep discount. You can select from a variety of boutiques created by our stylists or create your own mini boutique and save. 


What are Mini Boutiques?


Mini Boutiques are brand name accessories composed of two or more items. 


What sets BAB apart? is different from other sites because it sells all of its products in bundles prepared by our stylists or by YOU! 


How We Work?



Our website works by providing our customers with designer bundles at discounts up to 70% off the retail prices. 




Our stylists pair up with name brands to offer styling advice and create very trendy mini-boutiques to sell on BAB for unbelievable discounts. 


How we work:


-All items sold on BAB are quality name brands.

-Every mini-boutique on BAB is created by an experienced stylist. 

-All items are sold at steep discounts.


Our Collection: 


Shop BOLD for for statement pieces that have a special wow factor.


Shop EDGY for innovative jewelry that includes wood, gun-metal, beads, and animal print.


Shop BOHEMIAN for a worldly look that showcases some of the best eclectic pieces.


Shop SOPHISTICATE for a cultured and cosmopolitan look. 



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